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Training gospel workers is a key component of Chalmers' vision.  Through the year there are training events that are open to everyone, for example there is regular training in reading Mark's Gospel.  

There are two training programmes for people considering full time gospel work in Scotland:

Ministry Associate Programme 

As a church, we are committed to training gospel workers through the Ministry Associate Programme. Ministry Associates play a key part in church life. For two years people come and serve here, studying, receiving training, leading ministry and serving practically. This provides a wonderful opportunity to grow in maturity and competence. It can also help individuals to think through whether full-time gospel ministry might be a good fit for them in the longer term.

For more information about the programme please download the MAP booklet or contact Naomi Wright.

There are currently six Ministry Associates serving at Chalmers:

MAPs Freddie Hogan   MAPs Becca Holt   MAPs Laura Rea
Freddie Hogan   Becca Holt   Laura Rea
MAPs Will Sanders   MAPs Issy Arnaud   MAPs Rohan Hepburn
Will Sanders   Issy Arnaud   Rohan Hepburn


Ministers in Training 

The concept of Minister in Training is a post-apprenticeship training role, where an individual trains for four years in a local church, alongside rigorous theological study.  The Minister in Training programme has three components:

  • Training through doing ministry at Chalmers
  • Intentional training input from senior staff at Chalmers
  • Theological study

Robin Sydserff leads this programme, and along with the wider eldership works with the Ministers in Training to ensure their development across the four years.  There will be two Ministers in Training serving at Chalmers after the summer.